What's new with Angular 12

In this article originally published on GrapeCity, we see what’s new with the latest Angular 12 version.

Angular 12 is not released yet but we have some pretty ideas of what the Angular team will working on in the next version.

Angular is a TypeScript based framework by Google for developing web applications for desktop and mobile. It has over 68,000 stars on GitHub. Angular 11 was released on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2020 with some great updates for Angular developers. It introduces updates across the platform including the framework, the CLI, and components. Most importantly:

  • Experimental support for Webpack 5 which brings a new module federation feature.

  • An updated roadmap to keep developers updated about the current priorities of the Angular team. 

  • Improved component tests harnesses which were introduced in Angular 9 to help with testing Angular Material components with a robust and legible API surface. With version 11 the team added harnesses for all of the components!

  • Improved reporting and logging by making the CLI output clear and easier to read.

  • A preview of the language service with Ivy instead of View Engine.

  • Improved support for Hot Module Replacement (HMR): In version 11 the CLI is updated to allow enabling HMR when starting an application with ng serve --hmr.

  • Automatic inlining of fonts.

Every year, Angular runs a developer survey with almost 30K responses to make Angular better. With the Angular community feedback, requests, and suggestions, they plan some timesaving, faster, and pretty cool improvements.

The Angular Roadmap Project's focus is a 'Zoneless Angular' making Zone.js options and ultimately provides more control to the developers.

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